The PRODAC Solution

The PRODAC Solution


PRODAC is an off the shelf, flexible, modular, scalable and upgradable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solution for industrial plants. PRODAC can be easily tailored to meet the requirements of your filling and packaging operation and integrated with plant ERP systems including SAP and others. It generates a vertical layered view of real time and historical operations, providing each manager the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

The PRODAC solution reflects cutting edge technology and over two decades of experience in designing and implementing MES and EMI solutions for filling and packing plants. PRODAC's browser-based technology puts you in control of your plants anytime anywhere. PRODAC is an open system that allows horizontal integration of all aspects of production, including ERP, planning, inventories, and raw materials as well as the filling and packaging operation itself.

PRODAC is configurable using standard utilities that reflect our accumulated experience in meeting customer requirements. That ensures that installation and set up are rapid and standardized and require little or no development to meet ordinary requirements.


Flexible and modular, PRODAC delivers full customizability … enabling customers to utilize their existing solutions and to purchase only those PRODAC modules that are required to complete their systems.

At PRODAC’s core isa Real-Time Data Collection Engine and Database that collects and stores data from machine and human input. Exceptionally robust, the state-of-the-art system can collect data automatically, semi-automatically or manually – according to customer requirements.


The Basic PRODAC Package:

Plant Information Center (PIC) – Provides convenient dashboard with real-time graphic

display and management data entry for entire plant; allows overall control of all PRODAC modules;
shows the entire plant at a glance; enables drill-down to detailed information, including production, downtime,
and reasons for delays.

KPI Dashboard – Provides concise real-time information about current productivity
Graphic Queries – Provides graphic display and management of plant-wide production history; enables reconstruction of
entire production history of he plant – or of any line or monitored facility; allows scrolling backward through time to any
date, and zooming in for details; enables various parameter combinations and cross sections over different time periods,
and comparison between planned and actual performance
Report Generator – Generates customizable production and maintenance reports , covering all aspects of production,
including throughputs, performance, machine down time, and QC history
Scheduler – Enables planning and scheduling of production runs; allows integration of planning and scheduling to track
performance; allocates products, packaging and personnel to production orders, runs and shifts on multiple lines,
according to customized time and raw material data; allows scheduling by quantity or time
Line Supervisor – Enables data entry, including product changeover reports, changes in plan, use of segments, and
downtime reasons; monitors and displays efficiency, line utilization and exceptions
Alarm-Generates alarms for faults, deviations, stoppages, QC problems, and raw materials –according to
customized settings; monitors and displays alarms; can be viewed and managed by anyone with user rights
QC Manager – Enables complete automated quality control management, integrated with product data; provides
real-time and historical displays of quality-related data; generates sophisticated ISO-compliant automatic and manual
Quality Control recording and reporting with input either directly from measurements collected automatically
by the PRODAC data collection system, from manual data entry, or imported from laboratory equipment; includes
analyses of deviations; can correlate with downtime events
Tank Monitoring – Monitors levels of liquid ingredients such as syrups, and connections between liquid storage tanks
and the production line – for batch preparation of liquids; display can be sorted by tank, flavor, status or priority
Run Manager – Allows manual correction of run records
Raw Materials – Monitors raw materials inventory; allows tracking of utilization; calculates yields; produces bills
of lading; enables both manual and automatic input



– State-of-the-art MES/EMI solution, specially designed for filling and packaging plants
– Fully interoperable with enterprise business systems; aligns manufacturing with business processes
– Supports lean manufacturing and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
– Modular, scalable, upgradeable, easily integrated; optional purchase of single component to end-to-end,
enterprise-wide integrated system
– Configurable and customizable
– Supports real-time supply chain management, enterprise-wide plant floor visibility, and full collaboration
– Supports tracking and traceability
– Provides view of plant at a glance via convenient dashboard
– Generates customized reports
– Accelerates ROI, decreases TCO
– Enables optimized efficiency and production performance
– Conserves energy, minimizes spoilage, reduces inventory costs, improves scheduling, limits recalls
– Enables rapid market responsiveness, fast time-to-market
– Ensures consistent quality, regulatory compliance
– Supports fast and accurate real-time analysis and decision-making
– Delivers insights into how products flow through the plant, controls flow between machines
– Monitors downtime and reasons
– Provides real-time alerts for faults, stoppages, QC and raw material alarms
– Compares plans with performance
– Calculates resources and constraints, quantities based on rates and duration
– Recreates production history
– Valuable for all employees, including top management, plant managers, line supervisors, etc.
– Role-based solution enables pre-configuration of screens according to roles


PRODAC’s Solution for SAP® Business One

PRODAC Systems has integrated SAP® Business One with PRODAC’s MES system to create an …
end-to-end, automated, fully integrated, off-the-shelf
business and production management solution
for small and medium-sized packaging plants

PRODAC’s solution for SAP® Business One enables total production planning
through the integration of:

PRODAC Planning & Scheduling + PRODAC Syrup Unit + PRODAC Raw Materials Handling
SAP® Material Requirements Planning (MRP) + Warehouse Management



End-to-end solution- Automates and streamlines all critical business and production management processes via a single integrated system
Instant access to information- Provides total ongoing, real-time visibility of finance, production, and sales information
Automatic alerts and responses to key events – Enables management by exception; monitors, alerts, and takes action in response to specified events
User empowerment – Allows full customization by employees – including forms, policies, queries, and reports … with no need for special training
Immediate benefits – Windows environment and simplified features ease learning, operation and maintenance; rapid ROI ensured by built-in savings features
Interoperable – Easily integrated with existing applications
Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) – Simple management of MRP; enables planning scenarios and demand predictions based on forecasts; integrates MRP with scheduling
Warehouse Management – Handles inventories, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses, and stock transactions
Accounting – Handles all financial transactions – including general ledger, account setup and maintenance, journal entries, foreign currency adjustments, and budgets
Bank Transactions – Handles all financial processing – including cash receipts, check writing, deposits, advance payments, credit card payments, and bank reconciliation
Sales and Delivery – Enables price quotes, order entries, delivery scheduling, stock updates, and management of invoices and accounts receivables
Purchasing – Manages and maintains vendor contracts and transactions
Sales Opportunity Management – Records sales opportunities from first contact to close of transaction
Business Partner Management – Controls all information about customers, resellers, and vendors
Service Management – Handles service operations, contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interactions, and customer support
Reports – Generates a wide range of detailed reports

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