Our Vision

Our Vision

Our commitment to the customer is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide rapid installation and robust support. We are able to do achieve these goals by providing a turnkey configurable system with built in flexibility, by careful attention to product quality, and by fielding an application engineering team with exceptional experience and ingenuity. Our top priority is to meet customer needs and expectations and surpass them. In that sense, our real product is satisfied customers.

PRODAC is 100% committed to bringing its customers themost up-to-date industry best-practices – and the most advanced technologies – ensuring the highest quality and profitability, with continuously increasing ROI and decreasing TCO.


PRODAC is dedicated to:

– Rapid, painless installations; responsive, personalized support

– Real-time, integrated, enterprise-wide intelligence

– Fast, accurate data capture, traceability

– Empowering decision-making

– Real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility

– OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

– Continuously improved quality

– Minimal downtime

–  Simplified compliance

– Reduced energy consumption

–  Optimization and re-purposing of legacy equipment

– Adaptability, flexibility, customization