Our Added Value

Our Added Value

The PRODAC advantage goes well beyond objectively measurable technical excellence and compliance with your requirements. Filling and packing operation Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) for plants like yours is our core business and our only business. PRODAC design and features reflect our extensive experience in providing automation solutions for packaging industries, and especially for the beverage and brewing industry. These include real time data collection and monitoring, Web – based management dashboard, planning, quality control, intelligent reporting tools and integration to ERP (SAP). This experience makes our product offering and our firm unique. We speak your professional language. We invented many of the concepts embodied in PRODAC. That is what makes beverage and brewery industry leaders choose PRODAC over our formidable competition.


PRODAC offers unique strengths in packaging, beverage and brewery industry EMI:


1. Native to the beverage filling industry

PRODAC was originally designed expressly for the beverage industry, based on concepts developed by production engineers at Coca Cola.

PRODAC solutions comply with all EMI and Beverage industry standards (i.e. OMAC, Weihenstephan) and include integration to major ERP's (i.e. SAP).

Our experience saves you a lot of time, as we know and understand the industry and requirements.


2. Incomparable experience as pioneers in packaging industry MES and EMI

We pioneered PRODAC since 1989, to provide one of the first systems that advanced beyond simple data readouts. PRODAC processes data in real time to provide real-time management decision support tools in a truly useful and smart way. This allows both operators and managers to spot the causes of line bottlenecks and other problems as they are happening and to correct them before they cause serious losses. Experience shows that PRODAC pays for itself in improved efficiency and reduced losses.

PRODAC senior management has been with the company for over 14 years, gaining a profound intuitive knowledge of the beverage industry and EMI solutions. Our design engineers and integrators have built, tailored and installed systems similar to this one all over the world.


3. Major players within the beverage and Brewery industry have chosen PRODAC

PRODAC is the chosen technology at plants of leading beverage producers around the world, including Diageo, SABMiller, Budweiser, Bavaria, Carlsberg and Coca Cola.


4. Mature, forward-looking system with a proven track record

Our product has evolved to a proven an integrated MES and EMI system through many generations of development since 1989. PRODAC is a robust, state of the art, off-the-shelf package that needs only configuration without code development. Our experience, unique approach and exclusive methodology, allow us to complete system installation in 30-60 days or less.


5. Eye on the bottom line

Because it pioneered decision support and EMI for packaging, PRODAC had to prove its worth from the start, by implementing management practices that could maximize ROI and by perfecting methodologies that could ensure and demonstrate real savings. This was achieved by creating a system that is built around industry standards and continuous monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


6. Continuous Evolution

PRODAC is continuously evolving to provide an end-to-end package for the packaging industry, integrating the PRODAC MES and EMI solution with leading process solutions (i.e. Aspentech and others) and with SAP MII functionality.

PRODAC has a strategic alliance with the major machinery and equipment manufacturers (i.e. KHS, Krones etc.) and a seamless integration to their solutions. Customers may purchase the PRODAC solution as an OEM with KHS, or Krones lines.