Prodac Connectivity and integration

Prodac Connectivity and integration


Since 1989, Prodac has been collecting data according to the same standards and using the same procedures, with the only change being the updating of the collection tools. In 2005, the University of Weihenstephan in Germany established a standard method of collecting data from machines. This standard is the same as the one that Prodac has been using since 1989.
The Weihenstephan Standard is machine-manufacturer and software-vendor neutral, enabling any software to easily access machine data. All major machine manufacturers and software vendors have aligned with this standard.
Prodac has established partnerships with the major machine manufacturers and professional organizations, in order to keep current regarding the standard.
Prodac has performed very successful connectivity tests with Krones, KHS, and other major machine manufacturers.


Prodac receives the machine’s status from the machine manufacturer and uploads it to the system. Since everything works according to the same standard, and the integration is seamless, the only thing required is to test the signals.
Machine status can be delivered either as a PLC data block, or as a direct XML file.

Prodac Advantages

– Simple and open – Prodac can easily integrate with all machine types and manufacturers, including complex lines
and machines that do not support the Weihenstephan Standard, unlike some machine manufacturer solutions that
are limited to the information from their machines only.
– Due to the use of the Weihenstephan Standard, the information flow from machines to Prodac is seamless and simple.
– Over 20 years of experience connecting machines to Prodac, and smoothly and accurately collecting data.
– Do-it-yourself – The ease of integration enabled by Prodac allows a do-it-yourself option for customers with limited
resources, enabling significant savings in money and resources.
– OEM package – Prodac has established partnerships with several major machine manufacturers, and tests connectivity–
enabling the purchase of Prodac as an OEM, directly from the manufacturers.
– Full MES – Prodac is a robust MES solution, including all standard modules and applications that collect machine
information and turn data into meaningful decisions.
– Prodac has been selected by major customers and vendors, who consider Prodac a leading MES player. Recently,
Microsoft selected Prodac as one of the top MES solutions in the world.

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