Coca Cola

Coca Cola

MultinationalBeverage Manufacturer UpgradesPRODAC’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to Latest Version with New Modules to Improve Efficiency



As the exclusive local franchisee for Coca Cola in the Middle East, the Central Bottling Company is responsible for manufacturing, marketing, distributing and selling Coca Cola’s products throughout the country. It is part of a group that includes Carlsberg, Neviot (bottled water), and Tara (dairy products). Following the acquisition of two additional food and beverage enterprises, the company currently employs around 4000 people in its eight branches across the country. The PRODAC system was originally designed and developed to answer the needs of this Coca Cola plant – its first and oldest customer, which owned PRODAC for a decade and continues to regularly upgrade its PRODAC system. PRODAC works with Coca Cola International, and has done a number of projects with other Coca Cola plants, including the plant in Italy.



The company needed to upgrade and improve its production plant, including the enhancement of its communications network. They wanted to implement the latest hardware and software systems, and to create a fully automated production process utilizing cutting-edge technology throughout their plant. They had added two new lines, and hoped to improve control over production as well as to increase efficiency by integrating all their lines and production processes, and providing management with easily-accessible, comprehensive, real-time information.



As PRODAC’s first customer, the company had been using PRODAC’s MES Software for decades, and naturally turned to PRODAC for their upgrade requirements. The latest version of the PRODAC system, as well as its newest modules, were rapidly implemented and seamlessly integrated with the company’s ERP system (SAP R/3) and its two new lines. The PRODAC solution delivers automatic data acquisition and real-time management support that enables full control of production schedules and execution times, quantities, breakdown and maintenance notifications, production planning, BOM, components, counters, events, and analog signals – and fully integrates with the company’s palletizing system.



The plant is now fully upgraded with the latest and most advanced technologies. The new lines have been seamlessly integrated into the company’s comprehensive new system, which handles all aspects of it production process. Data acquisition has been simplified with direct, online access. Efficiency has been significantly improved and ROI has been maximized for all product lines.

According to xxxxx, “PRODAC was designed for us originally, and therefore, precisely met our requirements at the time, and unfailingly meets our ongoing needs. The PRODAC system has continued its development over the years, adding the latest technologies as required in order to enable customers to optimize their production lines in every possible way, enabling a high level of efficiency, integration, and easy operation. Our implementation of PRODAC has consistently led to significant savings and high ROI.”